John 15: 1-13 Questions

Verse 1-2

1: Are there any types of branches the Father does not cut?



Verse 3-4

How does remaining in Jesus make us fruitful?

Because Jesus’ blood covers over the guilt for our sins.

Because Jesus’ work on the cross allows us to become better people as we are influenced by Him.

Verse 5

3: Why does Jesus say that we can do nothing apart from Him?

Because the temptation to sin will be too much to bear without His help.

Because He created us and we would not exist without Him.

Because non Christians are incapable of really getting anything done.

Verse 6

4: Does this verse teach that unfruitful Christians will lose their salvation and go to Hell?

No. If the verse had said that unfruitful Christians will be thrown into a trash pile, we would merely think that they are of no useful value to God and then died. We get the idea of Hell because of the mention of burning the trash. But that is a lot to get from just one word in a metaphorical usage.

Yes. Hell is often described as a place of fire in the Bible. These branches do no come back from the fire. So it’s about Hell.

Verse 7

5: Does this verse teach that Christians can get whatever they ask God for?

No. Remaining in the Vine means being under Jesus’ influence.

Yes. That is exactly what the verse says. “ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”

Verse 8

6: How does getting what we ask God for lead to us bearing fruit?

The fruit is when we instinctively obey God and lead others to do the same. God will give us things to help us do this.

God’s fulfillment of prayer leads us to follow Him even more closely.

Verse 9

7: Did the Apostles know what Jesus meant here by how He loves us?

Yes, they were the founders of our faith, taught by Jesus Himself.

No. They had completely the wrong idea about Jesus until He Resurrected and then taught them things.

Verse 10

8: How does this verse clarify verse 8?

It show us that remaining in Jesus always includes obeying Jesus. And we only get what we ask for when we remain in Jesus.

It shows us that God will make us wealthy and successful if we obey Him.

Verse 11

9: What effect will having Jesus joy “in us” have?

We will begin to bear fruit by happily obeying Him.

We will not struggle with depression or sadness.

Verse 12-13

10: The world has embraced many Christian morals over the centuries. For example, Christians initiated and pushed for the abolition of slavery and got the rest of the non Christian world on board. Is it common today for people to love people the way Jesus did?